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Welcome to The Ten Keys to Total Freedom!

The Ten Keys To Total Freedom are the KEYS TO YOUR FREEDOM in this reality!

Gary Douglas often says that over 95% of anything that is going on can be handled by using one or more of the Access Consciousness® Ten Commandments! If you’ve never attended an Access Consciousness® class before, then this is a great introduction! (And if you have… you’ll discover a whole range of things about how to use the Ten Commandments that you never knew before!)

What if you could have a simple list of tools that could change almost anything in your life?  Would you be willing to have that much ease?  What if using just ONE of these tools every day could totally change your life?  It’s totally possible… you just need to choose it! Are you ready to lose big chunks of your frustration, confusion and limitations? Is this the class for you? Is now the time?

Over several weeks you will explore what each of the 10 Commandments are and what it means to be living them with ease, joy and glory. Recognize when you are not choosing the 10 Commandments and CHOOSE again!

How does it get even better than this?

Class Schedule Below:

9/ 5 - Would an Infinite Being Really Choose This? 

9/8 - Everything is Just an Interesting Point of View 

9/12 - Live in 10-second Increments 

9/15 - Live as the Question, Not as the Answer 

9/19 - No Form, No Structure, No Significance 

9/21 - No Judgement, No Discrimination, Do Discernment 

10/3 - No Drugs of Any Kind 

10/6 - No Competition 

10/10 - Do No Listen To, Tell, or Buy the Story

10/13 - No Exclusion

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