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About Me

Shon Van Orden has been playing with the Access tools for the last 12 years, during which time he’s used them to completely reinvent his life and has become a dynamic facilitator in the process.


Growing up, the only time he was right is when he was choosing someone else’s point of view, so to ensure he was never wrong, he decided to create his life that way. He adopted all types of insane points of view about religion, relationship, sex, business, money, politics, none of which were his, all of which were creating the limitations that were locking up his entire life.  


As he started applying the Access tools, areas of his life that were stuck started to change, choices that seemed difficult in the past became easy and his life started to work because he was finally in the computation of creating it. 


Today, Shon is the living embodiment of choice, question and possibility and it’s evident in the way he creates his life. He understands that if we’re going to create a different possibility for the planet, it starts with raising the level of consciousness for all those who are willing to receive it.

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